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Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village

jobs lowongan kerja Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village career vacancy
Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village – Hotel Aryaduta is Indonesia’s premier and leading hospitality group with a tradition of luxury, comfort, and style.  The group is part of the hospitality division of the Lippo Group which is one of the largest hotel groups in Southeast Asia, including its associated flagship property, the 1.200 rooms The Meritus Mandarin Hotel on Orchard Road in Singapore. [more details]

Hotel Horison Palembang

Jobs Lowongan Kerja Hotel Horison Palembang Career
Hotel Horison Palembang – Located in the heart of Palembang city, close to central business and government district, only 25 minutes from Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport. With 142 rooms & Suites, non-smoking or smoking rooms available. Horison Palembang Hotel providing some ideal access to the very best of city centre in Palembang city. The hotel is a 9 story building, build in the area of Taman Mandiri office cluster located on Kapten A. Rivai street. We are currently seeking: [more details]

Mister Bean Coffee (MBC)

Jobs Lowongan Kerja Mister Bean Coffee (MBC) Career
Mister Bean Coffee (MBC) is under the direction of the NUTRACO GROUP (Indonesia), with more than 40 years of professional experience in the coffee industry. MBC opened its first branch in Bangkok, Thailand in 1999. We now have five branches in Jakarta and is still counting.  We are looking for qualified candidates for the positions: [more details]

Nanny’s Pavillon

jobs lowongan kerja Nanny’s Pavillon career
Nanny’s Pavillon – The original concept of Nanny’s Pavillon comes from the tradition of the owner that often holds family gathering every two months. Each of the family members bring their favorite recipes that will be prepared by their NANNY. They will enjoy the meal in their pavilion, or PAVILLON in French. We are currently seeking: [more details]

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