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ISS Indonesia

lowongan kerja ISS Indonesia
ISS Indonesia
it the largest facility services providers in Indonesia, with revenues exceeding US$ 169.885k per annum and employee base more than 56,000 people. The Vision of ISS Indonesia is to become the most preferable Integrated Facility Services in Indonesia. We are now on the way to the realization of the Vision. Due to our continuous rapid growth and development ISS Indonesia are now seeking a professional to join our team and become a member of the our dynamic Team as: [more details]

PT Fast Food Indonesia (KFC)

PT Fast Food Indonesia Tbk. (KFC) is a modern & innovative Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand in Indonesia by providing new image, improve dining experience, better quality product and service and store assets to suit the changing need of customers. We are currently seeking for: [more details]

PT. Sarana Daya Semesta (SDS)

lowongan kerja PT. Sarana Daya Semesta (SDS)
PT. Sarana Daya Semesta (SDS)
put themselves in the field of logistics services, courier & cargo, services serving fast removal or delivery of goods / documents from one place to another through the air or by land modes. PT. Sarana Daya Semesta (SDS) are currently seeking suitable candidates for the following position: [more details]

PT Dos Ni Roha

lowongan kerja terbaru PT Dos Ni Roha 2013
PT Dos Ni Roha
was established in 1963 and for over four decades has succeeded in meeting the distinctive demands for distribution in Indonesia as a truly professional distributor. Supported by a strong management, we have the best understanding of local conditions to grab business opportunities and provide the flexibility to meet Indonesia’s unique market needs. PT Dos Ni Roha are currently seeking : [more details]

PT Surya Madistrindo

Jobs Lowongan PT. Surya Madistrindo
PT Surya Madistrindo (SM) is a business unit of PT Gudang Garam Tbk. (GG), which performs the functions of sales, distribution and field marketing activities for all products of PT Gudang GAram Tbk to all regions in Indonesia. PT Gudang Garam Tbk is one of the major companies in Indonesia are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange as a public company. Founded in 1958, currently has 45,000 employees and has 23 products that have been marketed in Indonesia, of which the public is familiar in Surya 16, Surya 12, GG International, GG and Surya Pro Mild Red. PT Surya Madistrindo are seeking for: [more details]

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