PT Info Pena Indonesia (

lowongan kerja PT Info Pena Indonesia (
PT Info Pena Indonesia ( 
- is the first news portal in Indonesia specifically to review information about the energy, food, and water, both domestically and abroad. This news portals prioritize accuracy, speed, and depth in presenting information about energy, food, and water. PT Info Pena Indonesia ( are currently seeking : [more details]

Argo Manunggal Group

lowongan kerja Argo Manunggal
Argo Manunggal
is a prominent and diversified business organization encompassing the Textile, Steel, Poultry, Property, Mining, Energy, PVC piping, Insurance, Plantation, etc. Our companies are located in major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Semarang, Jambi, Bangka, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and will continue to expand. Argo Manunggal are currently seeking : [more details]

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia

jobs lowongan kerja PT Nissan Motor Indonesia career
Nissan Motor Indonesia is a manufacture and distributor company of “Nissan” car. Nissan as a worldwide company with Japan investment, invite you to join our team and grow with us [more details]

PT Royal Standard

lowongan kerja PT. ROYAL STANDARD
Royal Standard Group started its business in paper converting industry and widely recognized in Indonesia for its “JAYA” brand. Founded in 1978 and currently there are over 700s employees dispersed to its branch office and factories all over Indonesia.As time process, the group’s business scope expanded to manufacturing all types of cards, hologram, billing and mailing services, total IT Solution and as of recent, becoming a licensed Security Printing Company. we are currently looking for: [more details]

PT Bukitmega Masabadi

lowongan kerja PT Bukitmega Masabadi
PT Bukitmega Masabadi
is A leader distributor of plastics resin, both local and regional producer, selling to more than 1000 customers in plastics packaging, PT Bukitmega Masabadi are currently looking for candidates URGENTLY as follows: [more details]

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